Website Promotion Checklist

Prepare meta tags

  • Write short description of your business products or services
  • Keywords describing business products and services
  • Add to your Web pages

To ensure that your website is easily found online you should submit your website to the major search engines and internet directories. These include:

Note: Registration with will also get you registered on AOL Search, AltaVista, Google, Lycos, and Netscape Search. In addition to submitting your new site to search engines, we can create a link from an established site to get the search engines to visit your new site and start spidering its contents

Arrange reciprocal links

  • Identify sites related to your business and ask for reciprocal link
  • Identify related business/professional association Websites.
  • Identify local and regional sites and ask for reciprocal link.

Track and evaluate website usage

  • Review website log reports
  • Identify popular products/Webpages and add similar items
  • Identify unpopular products/Webpages and rewrite copy
  • Fix bad links, missing pages/graphics

Update other promotional materials

  • Add Web & e-mail address to business cards and other print items
  • Create e-mail signature

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