Package Pricing

First, let's address the burning question....

Most inquiries are from people asking about pricing information to create a Website. Most people are not interested in per hour this and per hour that, but the "Bottom line. What is this going to cost me?"

The final price of a Website is hard to determine, especially not knowing anything about the functionality of the Website you envision, the content (graphics, animation, special effects), or how big of a site will be. A new Website can cost anywhere from $150 to thousands of dollars. It all depends on how much information you want to publish on the site, the functionality included on the site, and the complexity of custom graphics you want.

A simple page just to establish a presence on the Web, show your prices and hours, and contact you by e-mail can run as little as $100 (not including domain registration, hosting services, etc.).

Entry Level Website Package ($750)

Our Budget Website Packages offers the same professional design as our Custom Website Designs, but at a greater savings to you.

We will customize your design with your company colors, add your company logo and format your text for placement on up to three web pages. The result is a Website that looks tailored for your business and services that is truly affordable!
Our budget package includes:

  • Up to 3 Web pages
  • Professional basic custom Website design
  • Assistance with text placement and keyword density
  • Optimizing your logo for the Internet
  • Cascading Style Sheet to define page content structure and style
  • Scan, crop and optimize up to 6 photos or images

(We can add one cgi "contact us" form (up to 10 fields) for $160)

Please note: There is no customization to the design you choose; only simple color modifications can be made. If you need any type of customization or your Website will contain more pages than stated above, your Website falls under our Custom Website Design services and will require a proposal.

Basic Website Package ($1,800)

Our Advanced Website Package offers a more polished look for the larger Website. It includes:

  • Up to 5 Web pages
  • Your logo cropped and integrated into the Website header design
  • Cascading Style Sheet to define page content structure and style
  • Enhanced theme design and custom Website header
  • Custom Javascript slide menu or CSS menu with rollover buttons
  • Up to 10 images cropped and optimized for the Web
(We can add one cgi "contact us" form (up to 10 fields) for $160)

Custom Website Design Pricing

Our pricing is a flat fixed-fee quote that you receive in advance so you know exactly what your fees will be before you begin. We also quote Web design services by the page so you know how much it will cost to add new pages in the future. Our per-page fee is based on your own Website outline.

Our Custom package pricing includes:

  • Assisting with text placement and keyword density
  • Optimizing your logo and graphics for the Internet
  • Scanning photos and images if needed
  • Formatting content for search engine optimization
  • Submission to search engines and directories
  • Coordinating quality links with other Websites where links will be beneficial

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