Website Planning Check List

  • Write & Communicate Website Goals
  • Identify Target Market(s)
  • List Barriers to Entry
  • Analyze Competitors' Websites
  • Select Website Topics
  • Create Table of Contents
  • Prepare Keyword List
  • Contact us and set up a Website consultation
  • Agree on the Budget
  • Assemble your Team
  • Designate Project Manager
  • Agree on a Project Schedule
  • Issue RFQs for ISPs, Website Host Services, Consultants
  • Select Vendors
  • Issue Purchase Orders to Vendors
  • Write Website Content Text
  • Publish Your Website

Your Website is Published - What's Next?

After your Website is published you should invite all of your existing customers to visit your Website. Your Website address and your sales/customer service e-mail address should be added to all of your product literature and advertisements in other media. Also, your Website address and e-mail address should be printed on all company business cards. This is the first step in the journey into marketing on the Internet.


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