Hosting Assistance

Website hosting companies offer a wide range of services, and their prices very considerably. We can help you select a service that meets your needs but does not break your budget.

What will a hosted site cost me?

Monthly price tags can range from $3 to several thousand dollars. Fees will vary by company and are based on the amount of space and traffic you need for your site. Some hosting companies will also charge setup fees in addition to a monthly fee. Others will not charge for setup or transfer of your site.

What level of technical support should you expect?

The level of technical support provided by a hosting service is only second in importance to their connectivity quality of service. They should have experts who can answer the most difficult, show-stopping technical questions quickly.

What services should Web hosts offer?

Your host should offer state-of-the-art Website hosting with a CGI-BIN Directory and custom CGI and Java Scripting. A typical configuration for a Linux server is the LAMP platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python. If they do not offer these features, don't sign up with them. Even if you do not require these features with your initial Website, you may need them in the future.

Also, Web hosting packages often include a Web Content Management System, so you doesn't have to worry about the more technical aspects of site administration.

How do I find a Web hosting service?

There are many providers offering these services. You should evaluate your needs in order to choose the hosting service that's best for you. Considerations include the need for database server software, scripting software, and operating system.

Most hosting providers provide Linux-based Web hosting that offers a wide range of different software. UNIX and Linux operating systems are preferable because Windows has a tendency to crash much more frequently. The Windows operating system is also more popular with people who want to do your site harm.

Once you have registered with the hosting service, they will supply you with a host name, a user name, a password, and a temporary IP address. These are very important and you will need them to physically put your Website on the Internet.


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