Best Practices

The design of your Website can have a powerful affect on your visitors and customers. The right design gives a visitor the right impression of your business, and it engenders confidence and trust in your business. The design of your Website gives the viewer the first impressions of your business. Design is important and it must be done right!

We create attractive and fast loading sites with easily useable navigation. Visitors get the right impression of your business and find the information they want to find.

We create high quality Websites to make a professional impression on your customers.

Website design for manageability

Many Website designers take a design and drop approach, and the design cannot easily accommodate future changes. When you ask for changes a year later, they have to modify everything to make it work. This can be expensive in the long term. builds Websites with long term flexibility in mind to accommodate your future developments:

  • The Website style can be easily modified later
  • The menu has growing room
  • eCommerce or other facilities can be added later
  • You can easily update the content

Check List For Success

  • Include plenty of good content in text on your Web pages
  • Incorporate easy to follow text navigation
  • Offload JavaScript and other non-text code to external files
  • Add a sitemap for optimum indexing of pages
  • Validate your pages using a HTML validator. Click here for a good one

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