About OhioWebWeaver

What we do:

At OhioWebWeaver, we develop and manage Websites. That's it!

Consultation: You know your business and your market; we know Websites. After talking with you to learn your needs, we will provide a design proposal for an effective Website that you can be proud of.

Design: Only when you are satisfied with the prototype does construction begin.

Promotion: Search engine optimization will increase visitors to your Website. Your new site is of little value if your target audience cannot find you.

Management and support: When you need help we're on the other end of the phone, or an e-mail away.

What we don't do:

We are not an IT company that also happens to do Websites. Our business is 100% Website development and management services.

We do not churn out dreary Websites from off-the-shelf templates. Each site we create is original and designed according to your wishes and the nature of your market.

We do not do Flash Websites. Online animation is generally a detraction, adds little to a business Website (even if done well), and will increase page loading times.

We do not design Websites that are adult or X-rated, racist, antigovernment, or contain any information damaging to any particular ethnic group or religion.

We will:

Answer your questions, offer professional and easy to understand advice, and provide a cost estimate.



Email: info@OhioWebWeaver.com
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